Whitetail Hunts

More than 15 years of experimenting and documenting success stories has taught us that having fewer hunters generally leads to more mature bucks on the meat pole. In our desire to remain Ohio's premier outfitter, we've taken that to heart. We might not be the cheapest operation in the Buckeye State, but we are absolutely the BEST. Not only do we strive to provide unsurpassed meals, lodging, equipment and guides, but we're also proud of the caliber of deer our clients see and shoot.

Ohio offers some of the best whitetail deer hunting in the country. When you’re on the hunt for trophy big bucks it doesn’t get any better than Brushy Fork Outfitters.

Ours are fair-chase, fully guided deer hunts for some of the largest free-ranging deer on the planet. Despite our best efforts and yours, there are no guarantees.

We take great pride in our success rate. Over the past several seasons, approximately 75% of our hunters had shot opportunities at P&Y-caliber bucks during our hunts.

We recognize that deer hunters, like deer, are not created equal. Yet, while individual standards can vary considerably, our goal for clients is to harvest MATURE bucks. With this, a 140-inch antler minimum is implemented and enforced on all of our farms.

Shooting a substandard buck will result in a $1,000 fine. Only by BFO’s discretion will some leeway be considered. This fine is not about making money and alienating customers; it’s about growing the kind of bucks our customers want to shoot. We’d be happiest if nobody were fined, period.

With that said, each year, many of our farms hold a few fully mature bucks whose antlers do not reach the desired 140” requirement. Some are simply smart, old warriors who've survived over the years and are on the decline antlerwise. Others may be genetically inferior to our management goals. Most often, our guides will inform hunters of the presence of these management bucks, in which they are welcome to harvest without penalty. Again, a mature buck is the goal!

The exceptions: We do NOT impose antler restrictions for our youth hunters.

The terrain here runs the gamut. We have mature hardwoods, food plots, dense thickets and agricultural fields, all covered by a variety of stands and ground blinds. We have 15-foot ladder stands and ground blinds for hunters uncomfortable with heights and 20- to 30-foot-high Millennium (hang-on) Treestands with climbing sticks for those who aren’t. We also have over 25 maverick "six shooter" shooting towers for your comfort.

We feel that it is very important to keep you comfortable in the stand. After all, the longer you can sit and enjoy the hunt, the better your chances are of harvesting the big one.

We can accommodate handicapped hunters as well by having a variety of ground blind setups, as well as the ability to drive right to them on our UTVs. All stands and blinds are situated in proven areas.

We bait most of our stand locations with shelled corn, whether or not they’re near crops or food plots. We also feed our herd year round with Banks gravity feeders stocked with protein feed. This helps ensure that each hunter will see plenty of whitetail deer.

All meals, lodging and transportation to and from the stand are provided during your stay with us. We are located approximately one hour east of the Port Columbus International Airport, and we can easily arrange an airport pickup for our fly-in hunters.

We rotate farms each week to keep the pressure down in each hunting area. We also take a limited amount of hunters to make sure that we can consistently put hunters in productive areas. At BFO, we realize that you saved money all year for this hunt, that you may only have one week of vacation to burn, and that you’ve been daydreaming about harvesting that monster buck all year long. That is why we will do whatever it takes, within the law, to help you get your buck in the back of a truck.

The typical day begins with a light breakfast prior to being taken to a stand in a spacious Polaris Ranger Crew Cab. Hunters may sit all day (with a bagged lunch), or choose to be picked up at a certain time. People returning to camp for lunch will enjoy a warm bowl of soup or chili and hot sandwiches. A delicious home-cooked meal is served hot every evening. You definitely won’t go hungry at BFO!

We also offer professionally filmed hunts, which you may opt to have edited and made into a finished high-definition DVD. Ask us about our filmed hunt packages!

Reach out to us today and learn why so many top-notch hunting experts agree Brushy Fork Outfitters offers the finest whitetail deer hunting available in Ohio.

Whitetail deer hunts montage in Ohio

Helpful Links Planning Your Hunt

Ron Abbey - whitetail deer hunt

“I have hunted with BFO for several years. They have become like family to me and their operation is world-class. I always look forward to deer hunting, turkey hunting and spending time with them. I killed my biggest buck to date last year scoring 168”! I look forward to trying to beat those numbers, because I know they have them. Book with Brushy Fork Outfitters, you will not be disappointed!”

- Ron Abbey, NY

Jeremy Klosta - whitetail deer hunt

“A couple buddies and I have been to other outfitters in the past, but we have found the last one we will ever be using. Bryan at Brushy Fork Outfitters runs an amazing, first-class operation. Our guides, Mike and Marc, were super knowledgeable about the properties and deer that have been seen there. Bryan, Mike, and Marc stayed in constant contact with us, returned texts immediately, and would run out to your hunting location at the drop of a hat to help with whatever we needed. When we arrived and had our initial meeting, Bryan told us that we would be in for the hunt of our lifetimes and to be prepared to see the biggest deer we had ever seen. Boy, was he right. I lost count of how many deer I’d seen, because I was literally seeing deer from sunup to sunset. I saw several large bucks chasing does around everyday. It was an absolute blast to watch those big deer in the prime of the rut. I was lucky enough to harvest a great, mature 8-point on the final morning. The BFO crew was so happy for me, which showed just how much they cared for their clients. I can sit here and tell you all day long how great the owner, guides, and lodging are, but I'd be a fool if I didn't mention the food! They made some of the most amazing food I have ever eaten, and I'm not talking about hot dogs and frozen pizzas. We were served amazing beef, pork, and chicken entries every night with some great sides and fresh salad. Plus, it seemed like as soon as we returned to camp, got our gear put away and got changed, the food was ready to be served. Do yourself a favor and give Brushy Fork Outfitters a try. I promise you won't be disappointed. We have already booked again for next fall, and we will be for many more years to come.”

- Jeremy Kloska, MI

John Moon - whitetail deer hunt

“Hunting with Brushy Fork Outfitters was, hands down, the best experience I’ve had with an outfitter. Bryan went above and beyond to provide the most comfortable lodge accommodations for our group. Our guide, Mike, was extremely knowledgeable with the deer activity on the farm we were hunting. He was always available with any questions before, during and after each sit. All-day sits were exciting with deer movement nearly the entire time. I would recommend Brushy Fork Outfitters to anyone looking for the best in whitetail hunting. They earned a customer for years to come.”

- John Moon, FL

Marc Back - whitetail deer hunt

“This was my first experience hunting with an outfitter. Brushy Fork Outfitters made that experience one I’ll never forget. A huge thank you to Mike Cantiello and the entire staff! I’ll definitely be booking again.”

- Marc Back, OH

Eddie and Brandon Pate - whitetail deer hunt

“I emailed Bryan about booking a hunt for my handicap father for his birthday during the 2019 Ohio gun season. He replied instantly and said there were accommodations for him. When we arrived, the lodge was beautiful, the guides, Mark and Mike, told me where we were hunting and showed us a buck that was coming in regularly at 7:30. Boy, were they right. Pops smoked one 30 minutes into the first day of gun season. The food was great and the guides and Bryan are wonderful. First time experience and I’ll be going back! Maybe it was luck, but they will see me in 2020!”

- Brandon and Eddie Pate, SC

Timothy Trail - whitetail deer hunt

“This was a dream hunt for my Dad and I. After considering what seemed like a hundred outfitters, I called Bryan Dawes, owner of Brushy Fork Outfitters. I explained that my foremost goal was for my Dad to take his biggest deer ever. He’s getting older, and this trip would be a gift of thanks to him for always being there for me. We are from VA and have dreamed of hunting big mid-west whitetails. BFO had great reviews and we liked that it was a free-range hunting operation. In the end, we booked, which was the right decision! Bryan and his guides took my request to heart and all pitched in to make it happen! My Dad took a 140" buck! For me, this trip was not only about the kill. It was an opportunity for Dad and I to spend some quality time together. I honestly didn't expect us both to have such success. After all, taking my dad on a 5-day free-rage whitetail hunt, and for him to kill the buck of a lifetime seemed near impossible. I have been hunting for 28 years and understand the odds when it comes to harvesting a mature buck. But still, I wanted us to have the outfitter experience and it exceeded our expectations. I shot a 165"+ buck. But, my good luck turned bad as the deer took a step during my arrows flight. We searched for my buck for two days, but were never recovered it. But in addition to that, I was fortunate to lay eyes on two other 170"+ studs while in the tree. No doubt, Ohio has giant bucks! BFO is a well-run outfit with a lot of passion for the hunt! I can't say enough about how hard they work for their clients. I highly recommend them to everyone, especially bowhunters. If you want 100% guarantee, go to a high-fence operation. But if you want to hunt true giants in the wild while having a really good chance of success on a lifetime buck, book with Brushy Fork Outfitters!”

- Timothy Trail, VA

Pre-Hunt Guide


Thank you for choosing Brushy Fork Outfitters as your destination to hunt world­class whitetails. Now that your hunt is booked, the next step is preparation. We want you to arrive well-informed and prepared for success, and the first step is to become acquainted with our policies.

License and Tag

You may buy your hunting license and the requisite deer tag directly online, and you need to have printed copies before you arrive in camp. There is no need to apply in advance, since they’re available over the counter (Ohio has no draw or lottery). They can be purchased at OR you can start at

When visiting the latter, click on "license sales system," then "online," and then follow the prompts. You’ll need to provide personal information to create an account.

Non-resident hunters will need to purchase a non-resident hunting license AND a non-resident, either-sex deer tag.

Preparation for the Hunt

You MUST demonstrate that you’re proficient with your equipment before heading afield. We require it because we want you to be successful. Plus, we can fix any problems before they arise.

Keep in mind: Our average archery shot is within 40 yards. Some bow stands will be between 20 and 25 yards of a bait site. Firearm shots rarely exceed 125 yards. Those setups might be within 100 yards of a bait site. Thus, when you practice, it would he helpful do so from those distances.

Using our "BFO Shoot for Stands" policy, your stand location will be based on your shooting abilities. There is no favoritism in our camp. All stands are assigned according to a hunter’s ability, so aim high (or at least on target).

For bowhunting, we STRONGLY recommend a quality fixed-blade broadhead. The large cutting diameter on most mechanicals is impressive, but MOST of our unrecovered wounded animals weren’t found because of a lack of arrow penetration. Take note, too, that if you’re shooting a fixed-blade broadhead, be sure to practice with them before arriving to hunt.

Another important note about archery gear: It is MANDATORY that clients shoot lighted nocks when hunting with us. Glowing nocks are great tools for recovering game. If you’re using them for the first time, do so at home and not during the hunt. Practice with them regularly, as they can change arrow flight.

All hunters MUST bring a TMA-approved, four-point safety harness with the carabiner attached. Please try the harness on and adjust it properly prior to coming to our camp.

You MUST bring your own retractable pull-rope and, if bowhunting, a bow hanger.

When hunting in Ohio, you can count on the unexpected when it comes to weather. We have hunted in the snow during the third week of October, and 85 degrees and sunshine during the peak of the rut. Make sure to check the forecast and bring the appropriate layers of clothing.

You are expected to be scent-conscious at all times. We recommend washing hunting garments in scent-free detergent and storing them in scent-free containers. We will always hunt the wind, but every effort helps.

If you have any physical limitations, please let us know when completing the pre-arrival questionnaire. This will help us help you.

Packing Checklist

-Arrows (rigged with lighted nocks)/Ammunition
-Bow Release
-Head Lamp with red or green light
-Safety Harness
-Bow Hanger
-Scents (if desired, but only those in a reuseable container)
-Positive Attitude

Yes, you read correctly. We do not tolerate negativity in camp. We want our hunters to enjoy and appreciate their time in the woods. Positive attitudes are contagious. Negativity is also contagious. We ask that our clients not forget the true meaning of hunting: to have fun. The harvest is just icing on the cake.

Arrival to Camp

At BFO, we aim to provide a relaxing atmosphere and quarters close to the hunting areas, which are scattered throughout the counties known as Ohio’s “Golden Triangle.” This sought-after region provides some of the best hunting opportunities in the country.

We now have wifi in our camps!

Our four camps – a main lodge and three satellite camps – offer both comfort and convenience. No one building is better or more special than another. They are all in strategic locations and have everything you will need. Camp assignments are made solely on group size and returning clients’ familiarity with them. You will be receiving information about your specific camp, which will be one of the following:

Main Lodge
20728 CR 18
Walhonding, OH 43843

Boone and Crockett Cabin
20570 CR 18
Walhonding, OH 43843

Pope and Young Cabin
20650 CR 18
Walhonding, OH 43843

Bedding and linens are provided in all of them, and camps have satellite TV. Unfortunately, the remote locations aren’t conducive to wifi. Cell phone signals are spotty as well, though service should be available at the camps.

Your arrival time is 4:00 the evening prior to your hunt. This is important, as we will start things off with an potential archery tournament and hunter orientation meeting.

Departure time is by noon the day after your hunt ends.


Continental-style, grab-and-go breakfasts will include pastries, oatmeal, fresh fruit, bagels, coffee and cereal, etc.

Lunch will consist of sandwiches, chips, cookies, snack cakes, assorted crackers and granola bars, etc. When hunting all day, you may pack a lunch.

Dinner will be a home-cooked, country-style dinner with salad, meat, sides and dessert.

* Please make sure to list any food allergies or sensitivities when completing the questionnaire.


Guides and cooks at BFO depend on tips. Customer service is, thus, extremely important to them. Gratuities are not included in the cost of your hunt, so we encourage you to show our staff how much you appreciate their diligence. We recommend minimums of 8 percent for your guide and 2 percent for the cook.

The Hunt

At BFO, we want to give our clients the experience of a lifetime. Through years and years of determination and success, we have formulated a system that works efficiently. You are traveling and spending hard-earned money to hunt trophy-class whitetails, and we have them. The reason they’re here, and the reason you’ll likely see them is because our customers let the little ones walk.

At BFO, we have a strict 140-inch minimum for antlers. We also seek to harvest mature animals. We levy a fine of $1,000 for any deer harvested that doesn't meet these criteria. Don’t worry. We’ll give you all the help you need with estimating score and aging whitetails during orientation.

Your guide will coordinate a wake-up time for you the evening before your hunt. Most clients will drive themselves to and from stand locations. This allows you to get prepared at your own pace and leave camp at your leisure. Our app system will take you right to the stand.

A few properties require guide drop-offs in our UTVs. Again, please let us know on the survey if you have physical limitations and need further guide assistance.

Opening-week buck hunts will be evening-only outings. We will not access stands in trophy buck areas before daylight for the season opener. You are free to hunt does in the morning, if interested.

Clients hunting during peak rut are REQUIRED to hunt all day. Please let us know if you cannot do this on the questionnaire.

We will not hunt a stand if the wind is not right for that location. Unfortunately, we can't control the weather. If the wind shifts at your stand location, you will hunt elsewhere.

We have a wide array of stand types and setups. We have hang-on models, ladder stands, ground blinds and shooting houses. We use only Millenium Treestands for our hang-on setups, and they all have a lifeline for added safety.

Treestand height on these setups will be approximately 18-28 feet. Ladder stands are usually 18-20 feet. Again, you will need to bring your own retractable pull-rope and hanger. Please let us know on the questionnaire if you have any limitations on your stand type or setup, or if you have a problem with heights. We like to know these things well in advance so we can prepare for your hunt.

We ask that you use a red or green light to access stand locations.

It is strictly forbidden to walk around on the properties. You may walk only to and from the stand. You may not sit at the base of the tree to which the stand is attached. You must hunt from the stand.

We do NOT permit the use of climbing treestands on guided hunts. During gun season, we will NOT drive deer for any reason.

Hunters must abide by all state and federal game laws when hunting with BFO. The use of illicit drugs is strictly prohibited on BFO grounds, inside or out. Alcohol is permitted, but clients are NOT allowed to drink before going afield or while out there.

Smoking afield is strictly prohibited.

Hunters will be expected to take ethical shots.

Hunters may use only deer scents in a sealed container. Disposable scent wicks and deodorant-style applicators are not permitted.

After the Shot

After shooting from the stand, hunters must notify their guide immediately. Clients are not allowed to get down from the stand until given the okay by their guide. BFO's tracking dogs will assist in the recovery of EVERY deer, even if the animal falls in sight of the hunter. This is to keep the dogs sharp and provide experience.

Meat processing and taxidermy services are provided by BFO for an additional charge.

Deer meat must be deboned prior to traveling, and capes must be free of brain matter.

Follow BFO on Instagram and Facebook for frequent updates and trail camera photos.

Now that you’re familiar with our guidelines, please complete the below online questionnaire, so we can be fully prepared for your arrival.


Turkey Hunts

Ohio offers some of the best turkey hunting in the country. When you're on the hunt for trophy turkey it doesn't get any better than Brushy Fork Outfitters turkey hunt.

If hearing a big old tom rattling his tonsils makes your shotgun barrel or bow sight jump around like a polygraph attached to a Congressman, then you owe it to yourself to come to Ohio. The turkey population here will give you a serious case of droop jaw.

The Eastern wild turkey has a solid reputation for being smarter than your average bird, but that was so written where gobblers are accustomed to hearing hunters behind every bush. That’s not the case here, which almost guarantees that your hunt with Brushy Fork Outfitters will be action-packed.

If things go wrong with one longbeard, there’s usually another one ’round the bend that wants to tango.

Our hunts are fully guided, and can be easily personalized for your specific hunting needs. Whether sitting in a ground blind with a bow or running and gunning, you’ll be sure to have a close encounter with a sultan of spring.

Reach out to us today and learn why so many top-notch hunting experts agree Brushy Fork Outfitters offers the finest turkey hunting available in Ohio.

Levi and Kenny Moore

“My son, Levi, and I have previously turkey hunted with another outfitter, but did not have a good experience. Due to the lack of turkey sitings, much less shot opportunities, I don’t believe the outfitter scouted at all before our hunt. Day after day, he simply dropped us off at the same location and wished us luck. Our experience hunting with Brushy Fork Outfitters was the total opposite! Before our hunt date, Bryan called to tell us how he’d located several gobblers and what the game plan was. The time, work, and strategy that BFO put into place paid off as Levi shot his first longbeard on opening morning of the youth turkey season. Of course, there are no guarantees when hunting wild game, but BFO will go above and beyond to make sure you have the best opportunities to fill your tag(s).”

- Kenny Moore, OH

Tania Gaspar

“After several failed attempts hunting turkeys with other outfitters, I turned Brushy Fork Outfitters, and they did not disappoint. BFO’s, Bryan Dawes, put my wife, Tania, and I on our first ever longbeards! Each hunt was a priceless moment. Thank you for the hospitality and an incredible hunting experience. We look forward to a long friendship.”

- Rob and Tania Gaspar, CT

Elijah & Donnie Ennis

“Brushy Fork Outfitters is a top notch outfitter! Owner, Bryan Dawes, was very friendly and knowledgable. The BFO properties are beautiful, have lots of turkeys, and hunting pressure is kept to a minimum. My son and I were very impressed with the accommodations, the properties, and the hunt. Outstanding outfitter! Thanks.”

- Elijah and Donnie Ennis, IN

Brandon Rose

“I’ve done business with Bryan and turkey hunted with him for years...not as a client, but as a friend. This guy will show you the birds!”

- Brandon Rose, Vance Outdoors

Rob Rowland

“I have been blessed to turkey hunt all over the country. I finally met my match when I hunted with Bryan. Finally, someone who is as crazy over turkeys as I am! I have hunted with him for four years Ohio, Nebraska, Florida, South Dakota, and Kansas. This is an annual production with BFO! Great people that have become great friends.”

- Rob Rowland, NY

Steve Mullinex

“I booked a last minute hunt with Bryan at BFO. The weather was horrible during my three day hunt and Bryan was gracious enough to have me back. I was fortunate enough to harvest one of the largest birds in the state! He didn’t have to let me come back, but he wants everyone to be successful, and it shows! Thanks Bryan, and see you next year!”

- Steve Mullinex, OH


Main Lodge

Nestled in the heart of thousands of acres of Brushy Fork Outfitters private leased land in Coshocton County, this camp is quick to be one of your favorite destinations. The spacious lodge offers a large common area with several couches, a big-screen tv, pool table, kitchen and dining table. The two bunk-style bedrooms sleep 16. It is quipped with 3 bathrooms, each with a shower. Plus, a scent-free room is available for storing your gear and dressing before, and after, each hunt. Outside, you'll enjoy a beautiful view of the Ohio countryside. And if you're an archer, an elevated platform overlooks a practice range of targets set at varying distances.

New Lodge

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