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"This place sucks!!! Ok, now that I got your attention, if you are looking for a top-notch trophy whitetail camp look no further than Brushy Fork Outfitters! I've bowhunted whitetails all over the country, as well as in the providence's of Canada, and BFO is, hands down, the place to be. Although I have an awesome outfitter in Canada, the inconveniences of air travel, going through customs, and dealing with lost/delayed baggage has gotten old. So, I set out on a mission to find an outfitter in the states where I could hunt every year without having to draw a tag. In the past, I’ve about seen it all; overhunted camps, noisy stands, untrimmed shooting lanes, and just a lack of quality animals to hunt. This certainly was NOT the case at BFO. From my first time in the stand, I knew I’d be coming back. The "Knockdown Outdoors” phone app, which they encourage their clients to use, was really helpful. Initially, I was apprehensive about using it, but my guide, Mike, assured me I would grow to love it. He was right. On the first morning of my hunt, the app guided me directly to my stand in the dark. The stand was set perfectly. It was quiet and comfortable for an all-day sit. But after a few hours, the wind changed direction, so I texted Mike about my concerns. He instructed me to view the app and go to another marked stand location on a nearby ridge. Once again, the app took me there. And within a few minutes, I was 20-ft high on the downwind side of a well-used trail. I saw deer on that hunt, but no shooters. The second morning, Mike sent me to another area where he said a solid 140-inch buck was making daylight appearances. I slipped into stand 30 minutes before first light, and as I was pulling up my bow I heard a grunt. I actually thought I was imagining it, since I’d just walked in. As I turned around, a buck with a tremendous rack stood only 20 yards away. Since it was still dark, I could not count it’s points or see exactly how big it was, but with the light background of the freshly fallen snow, I knew he was a monster. He fed for a bit, but eventually left. There was nothing I could do, as it was still too dark to shoot. I was crushed. A little later, I spotted a doe moving my way. And surprisingly, 40 yards behind her was a complete TOAD OF A BUCK! The doe turned, cut to my left and started feeding. The buck also turned, yet faced away from her. I thought this was weird, but soon learned why. Another buck was dogging her too. Over the next 5 minutes, I watched the monster pin his ears back and snort wheeze not only once, but twice at the other buck. This was awesome in itself, as I had never heard a buck do that in my 35 years of hunting. Finally, the shooter dropped his head and started chasing her. Having already drawn my bow, I was ready for the shot when he passed thru the opening in front of me. I touched the release's trigger and heard that wonderful sound that told me my whitetail bowhunting career had most likely reached its pinnacle. I’d just shot a buck that most men will never have the opportunity to even see in the wild, much less shoot. It was a 174-inch stud!!! Additionally, I returned a couple weeks later with my son for a youth hunt. He took his first buck, as did a few of the others. They witnessed a lot of action, and one hunter gave a 160ish brute a haircut! Sorry for the long-winded review, but these guys deserve it. BFO is a first-class operation. I got side-tracked by giving more of a replay of my hunt than a review. But I felt it necessary to paint the picture of how it is there. Lastly, I want to mention a few things about the lodge. There is a “scent-free” room to store your hunting gear in that has individual compartments for each hunter. There were three bathrooms with showers, so if you need a shower before a hunt, you can do so with very little to no waiting.”

- Tom Veschi, NY


“I’ve hunted all over; Bryan has the property, guides, experience, and puts in the work to consistently put shooter bucks in front of his clients. I won’t look any further when it comes to Ohio... BFO is my home now!”

- Josh Bull, NY


“Bryan and his knowledgeable guides are at the top of the industry when it comes to putting you on the buck of a lifetime. Their attention to detail, perfect stand placement, and eagerness to please are second to none.”

- Mark Beyer, MI


“Bryan had several pictures of this 179” monster. The buck was showing up in front of the camera after dark in the evenings and before daylight in the mornings. Bryan wasn’t happy with the stand location for killing this Ohio mature, so he scouted the area, hung a new set, and I arrowed him on the second morning of the hunt! This guy knows his deer and is a true professional. That’s why I’m back in camp year after year.”

- Pudge, VA


“I have hunted in quite a few states with many outfitters. Illinois, Missouri, Kentucky, Ohio, and Kansas. Bryan and his guys are extremely knowledgeable about their leases and the whitetails living on them. I shot an excellent deer in 2016 and couldn’t have been more happy. The accommodations in camp are excellent as is the food. All the staff went out of their way to tend to our every need with a smile on their faces. They are great people!”

- Jeff Paplin, NJ


“I’ve been hunting at Brushy Fork Outfitters for the past three years. I’ve killed my two biggest bucks with a bow the last two years and passed a good shooter the first year. We have gone out with a party of 6 and everyone has been very successful and happy with the hunt. I would strongly recommend BFO! I plan on hunting with Bryan and the gang for years to come!”

- Kenny Lehtonen, NH


“I took my chances with BFO a few years ago in 2014 and it was definitely the right choice. I have been back each year since. I could be no more pleased with the hunting atmosphere...especially in October of 2015, when I arrowed my 150’s Ohio bruiser. The scenery, hospitality, food, and of course those giant bucks at BFO is what it’s all about. Thanks Bryan, Fin, and Wes for all of your knowledge and great decisions you guys make when it comes to stand placement and food plots. I can’t leave out Naya...the BEST blood tracker of all! Looking forward to a great hunt this year! You will be greatly satisfied if you book a hunt with BFO!”

- Manuel Teague, NC


“My name is Justin Thompson I’ve been hunting Ohio for a while now but it wasn’t till I came across Bryan at Brushy Fork Outfitters till really saw what the state could offer. 2014 was my first year with Bryan and couldn’t be happier. Lots of deer, low pressure make a big difference. Since 2014, I have returned every year, been lucky to harvest my largest 3 bucks of my bow hunting and all around hunting life. All the guides that work for Bryan are professional and know their business when it comes to whitetails. My hunts were all diy hunts but it’s still nice when you have someone that can let you know what they have been seeing around. I will continue to hunt with Bryan and the guys at BFO because the deer are there. Put your work in and it will happen!”

- Justin Thompson, WV


“I was very skeptical to fly all the way from Hawaii to hunt with an outfitter. After speaking with many outfitters in Ohio, I decided to book with BFO. The rest is history. I arrowed my biggest (170”+) whitetail to date on opening day of archery season! These guys do their homework and it shows! Can’t say enough about these guys!”

- Greg Jochem, Hawaii


“From shooting my best buck in five decades of whitetail hunting to the clean and comfortable camp, BFO is the best quality outfitter I’ve hunted with, period. Hunting with Bryan and his staff of guides is like hunting with old friends or family. They communicated with each hunter and worked hard at showing us a great camp experience and put us all on big deer. Within a week of my awesome hunt, I booked a spring gobbler and whitetail hunt for the next year. I highly recommend BFO for your next Midwest hunt!”

-Frank Dileo, PA


“Brushy Fork Outfitters is one of the hardest-working whitetail outfits in the industry. They know their land, how to pattern the deer and how to hunt them. Because Bryan and his guides thrive on the success of their clients, you’re guaranteed their best efforts. I’ve seen record book bucks every season and had a blast chasing them. Plus, I’ve been fortunate to add some mighty fine antlered decor to the walls of my home and office. I encourage everyone to hunt with B.F.O. Hope to see you in camp!”

- Ryan Noffsinger, Buckmasters


“Don’t have a single negative thing to say about my experiences at BFO. I’ve been hunting with BFO for two years, and I’m booked for the third! The first year was unseasonably during the rut and I still saw several shooters, but never got a shot. Last year I arrowed a mid 150-inch brute the first morning of my hunt. All I can say is that Bryan knows the deer! It’s still hunting though! If you hunt hard and put your time in, you will find success at BFO!”

- Lee Hague, PA


“We were chasing this buck for my entire hunt! I finally sealed the deal! Thanks to the boys at BFO for running TONS of trail cameras and keeping up on the baits! Can’t wait to get back out here!”

- Caleb Crannel, NY


“This was my 8th trip to Ohio and by far the best! The boys at BFO will do everything in their power to put you on a mature deer and have the time of your life while doing it. First Class operation! The BFO properties are the best I’ve ever seen! I finally found my Ohio outfitter!”

- Dan Lafountain, MI


“Killed the biggest deer of my life with BFO! Will be back for a third year! Great people that take great care of you!”

- Gary Selman, IL


“My name is Jason Selman and I wanted to share my experience with Brushy Fork Outfitters. Being an avid bow hunter, I found it challenging to find a quality Outfitter that met my expectations. Many over promised and under delivered. In the summer of 2015 I reached out to Bryan, the owner of Brushy Fork Outfitters. This is when everything changed. I wasn’t given a high pressure sales pitch or unrealistic success rates. I was given the facts of what to expect. After doing further research, my father and decided to book an Archery hunt for the fall of 2015. Fast forward to 2017 and I can honestly say that I have found my go to Outfitter when it comes to bow hunting whitetails. BFO has everything a hunter is looking for including quality ground, low pressure, solid stand set ups, and knowledgeable guides that will work their tail off to make sure you have an opportunity on a mature whitetail. Also, the meals prepared by Julie (Bryan’s wife) at the end of a long day of hunting are second to none. I have been successful both years I have gone to BFO and my father killed is biggest whitetail with a bow ever in 2016. I cherish the time that I get to spend hunting with my father and being able to share that experience at BFO has only made those experiences better. BFO is truly an outfitter where you arrive to camp as a friend and leave as family. If you are looking for a quality outfitter in the heart of big buck country, look no further than BFO.”

- Jason Selman, MI


“Hunting with Brushy Fork Outfitters was the best experience I’ve ever had with any outfitter. Bryan and his staff were nothing less than first class. They truly made us feel at home. Their knowledge and experience had us on the deer every time. I highly recommend them, from the first-time hunter to the seasoned veteran.”

- Chad Wilder, MI


“Brushy Fork Outfitters gave me the best hunting experience ever. I shot a 164-inch slob, my first eastern longbeard, and two does on a five-day hunt! It was a 5 star hunt, lodge, camaraderie along with excellent food. Plan on asking about doe and turkey tags while out chasing slob bucks. Opportunity at all species open is great. If you want a Midwest hunt with an outfitter second to none, look no farther. I won’t go anywhere else!”

- Zach Dorr, WY


“Hunting with Brushy Fork Outfitters was the best experience I’ve had in the deer woods. I wounded a buck that we couldn’t find my first evening in the stand. Bryan was very easy to get along with, and let me keep hunting. I shot a 148-inch 10-point on my third day. Our whole group had opportunities to shoot big bucks, with five out of seven of us tagging out, and the other two missed. Can’t wait to get back next year! Thanks, BFO!”

- Josh Dolly, WV


“I came to BFO with my brother and father and didn’t know what to expect. I shot a buck my first 30 minutes in the stand on our first day! I got to spend the rest of the trip hunting does and sleeping in. I really enjoyed hanging out with the staff and the home-cooked meals. Can’t wait to get back next season. Thanks for a GREAT hunt, guys!”

- Corey Dolly, WV


“I have been outfitting for years, so I know exactly what to look for in a hunt. Brushy Fork Outfitters had it all. They had great hospitality, friendly staff, and very knowledgeable guides. Bryan took me to my stand and told me exactly where the deer would come from, and exactly when. The hunt couldn’t have been more textbook. Deer camp was a ton of fun, and I met a lot of great people. Shooting a 156-inch bruiser was just the icing on the cake. I’ll definitely be back!”

- Lorne Twist, FL


“I had a wonderful experience hunting with Brushy Fork Outfitters. We came during the October lull, with warm temperatures. Although I saw plenty of deer, I didn’t get a shooter into bow range. Bryan was gracious enough to let me come back (free of charge). I harvested a great buck on my return trip. I have hunted with many outfitters in the past, and have never come across an outfitter that wanted me to fill my tag more than BFO. What a great trip! Will be returning. Thanks BFO!”

- Jeff Trombley, NY


“I had always heard that Ohio had big bucks and looked forward to my trip to BFO all year. When I arrived in camp, Bryan asked me if I would sit all day in the stand. When I said “yes,” he said “Well, then you’ll be killing a mid-150s perfect 10 tomorrow.” I didn’t know what to think, but all I can say is that I killed that buck the next day! He showed me the hundreds of trail camera pics he had of this deer that night. This guy knows his deer and because of that, I killed my biggest buck ever! I’ll be back every year!”

- Doug Bradle, MI


“Started as a client with BFO 5 years ago. Now we are family. I couldn’t imagine anything different.”

- Tim Jones (AKA Dr. Jones), MI


“A truly unforgettable experience...my biggest buck!”

- Brian Squires, NY


“Two years with BFO has produced two bucks! Can’t wait to come back for the third year!”

- Terry Greene, TN




1698 Seven Hills Rd NE, Nashport, OH 43830

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